Magnus DaarMagnus Daar

Advokatfirman Daar Fallberg

Magnus Daar has a vast and longtime experience from being legal advisor on a number of international business deals, court litigations and international arbitrations. Magnus daily represents corporations, entrepreneurs, banks and investors in different deals and litigation actions. Apart from his Master of Laws in International Intellectual Property Law, Magnus was trained at Harvard Law School at its Negotiation Program. He educates and trains management teams in negotiation strategies, frequently, e.g JPMorgan Chase Bank (Scandinavia), PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Danske Bank etc.

Joakim Strignert

Joakim Strignert

Founder, Juristfirma Din Rätt

Besides law, I’ve been working as a senior Management Consultant within the TIME business (Telecom, Internet, Media and Entertainment) for 15 years. I’ve worked as CEO in different businesses and founded three companies. In the area of business law, I focus on helping start ups companies succeed as an advisor covering everything from partnership and cooperation agreements to the legal paperwork connected to new share issues etc. I’ve also taken on a keen interest in the bitcoin industry and will continue to work in this area after bringing KnC to justice.  I’m currently pursuing 20 individual lawsuits against KnCMiner and company affiliates, such as KnC 20 nm Sweden AB.  Please refer to this page regarding my KnC activities:

Joakim Strignert
Master in Laws, 1993, Uppsala university
MBA, 1995, Stockholm university

Founder Juristfirma Din Rätt, 2014
Address: Salagatan 18A
753 30 Uppsala
Contact: +46 (0)708 198891

Crypto Attorney | Bitcoin Lawyer

Crypto Attorney | Bitcoin Lawyer

Charlotte C. Lin

Law Office of Charlotte C. Lin practices consumer protection in the cryptocurrency industry for miners, traders, crypto-startups, and anyone involved in the “crypto” industry.  I actively support the crypto industry and was an exhibitor at the first Hasher’s United Conference.

Before my involvement as a Bitcoin lawyer, I practiced mainly as a criminal defense attorney and  employment lawyer, helping regular people defend against criminal and government charges, as helping aggrieved employees.  Two things that became important to me are 1) helping clients make informed decisions, and 2) providing affordable legal care. I believe the legal process should not be needlessly confusing, nor exorbitantly out-of-reach.

I work with clients to find good resolutions and help them arrive at informed, educated decisions, even in tough situations. I keep clients informed of the progress of the case, and explain the law in understandable layman’s terms whenever possible. I also believe affordable legal care should be available for people who have been hurt or damaged by someone else’s actions.

I graduated from the Pepperdine University School of Law in Malibu, California. While attending Pepperdine, I clerked at the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office for three terms, first in the fraud units, then as a certified law clerk prosecuting preliminary hearings. I also clerked as an extern to the judge of the United States Bankruptcy Court (Los Angeles). Prior to law school, I received my B.A in Architecture from the University of California, Berkeley.

Charlotte C. Lin

Law Office of Charlotte C. Lin

Licensed in California

BA, University of California, Berkeley

Juris Doctor, Pepperdine University School of Law