Join the Global KnCMiner Class Action Today!

(Deadline: EXTENDED AUGUST 20, 2015)

If you purchased KnCMiner product including Titan, Titan Mini, Neptune, Jupiter, or Cloud Mining, while you were residing in any country, you may be eligible to file a claim against KnCMiner.

The class action alleges that KnCMiner and its company affiliates (KnC 20 nm Sweden AB and KnCGroup AB) sold defective and underperforming miners, materially breached contracts, and knowingly used deceptive marketing tactics to sell their KnCMiner products. KnCMiner denies it did anything wrong, and fraudulently withheld refunds on products that they knew they could provide, or withheld refunds illegally in violation of Swedish law. This class action is to bring KnCMiner in front of  Swedish court to answer to consumer’s grievances across the globe.

How do I join ?

Simple:  Follow these short and easy steps

1) Fill out our online claims form. Download, sign, and upload your retainer agreement. You will receive a receipt number. Keep this for your records.

2) Wait for approval from our firm in writing.

3) Upon approval, we will send you information to pay the retainer fee.

We require an up-front retainer of 15% of any invoices you paid to KNC.  ( For example, if you paid KNC $10,131.80 USD for a Titan, your retainer will be $1,519.77).  This retainer is up-front, and we will not agree to accept a portion of your winning in lieu of the up-front retainer (as in a contingency case).

Note:* If Swedish court demands a security bond for your individual case, you are also liable for a bond, which is refunded upon favorable verdict. We make no guarantee that we can waive your bond requirement.

Read FAQ for more information.

4) We will send you further information from there-on on what to expect and inform each step of the procedure (such as when the court will contact you for your agreement to join the class, etc).

5) Upload other administrative information such as copy of passport, upon request.